February 14, 2020

What to Expect in a DUI Hearing

There’s never a good reason to drink and drive. If you have been accused of doing so, though, you deserve to be prepared for what comes next. If you’ve never been through a DUI hearing before, the whole process can be both intimidating and alien. Fortunately, the lawyers at the Geocaris Law Firm know exactly what their clients should expect at such a hearing.

It’s important to remember that most DUI hearings are relatively brief. The client will start by meeting with his or her Arlington Heights criminal defense attorney if he or she has hired one and prepare for the day’s hearing. This will generally mean going back over evidence and answering any last-minute questions. It is not unusual to then meet with the prosecutor if he or she is willing to offer a plea deal. If the defendant chooses not to accept the deal, the hearing will move forward.

The hearing will begin with opening statements from each side. This is generally made to a judge, setting out the facts of the case. From here, the two sides will call any witnesses – usually the arresting officer and in most cases the defendant. In the vast majority of cases, the judge will render a verdict shortly after hearing from both parties.

It’s important to realize that a DUI hearing does not necessarily mean being found guilty. A good lawyer will help his or her client by presenting evidence in the best manner possible and making a compelling argument in the client’s favor. If you know that you are facing a DUI hearing in the near future or you are worried about another criminal matter, make sure to contact an Arlington Heights criminal defense attorney at the Geocaris Law Firm today to get the representation that you need and the help that you deserve.