February 28, 2020

Secretary of State Hearing Myths

If you’re facing the loss of your driver’s license, you may be worried about your upcoming Secretary of State hearing. You may already know that the hearing can make or break your chances for getting your driver’s license back. It’s important to understand what to expect at the hearing. Here are three Secretary of State hearing myths from our Secretary of State hearings attorney at the Geocaris Law Firm.

All license hearings are created the same

In the State of Illinois, you can pursue a formal hearing or an expedited, informal hearing. Informal hearings are faster. Formal hearings are more thorough.

There are times when a formal hearing is always necessary like if you have multiple drunk driving convictions. Other times, an informal hearing can be sufficient to meet your goals without jeopardizing your chances for success. An experienced Secretary of State hearings attorney can help you determine what’s right for you.

It doesn’t matter if you prepare

How you prepare for your hearing can ultimately have a big impact on the outcome. The Secretary of State hearing representative wants to hear what you’ve done to treat and manage any possible substance abuse issues that may be present in your life. They want to know why you need a license and what restrictions may be appropriate. Careful preparation is key to have the answers that the Secretary of State is looking for in order to confidently issue a reinstatement of your license. Your driver’s license reinstatement attorney knows what questions to expect and how to prepare for the hearing.

You can’t win your hearing

Many people think that Secretary of State hearings aren’t winnable. That simply isn’t true. Only offenders with four or more prior convictions are ineligible to receive a reinstated license. In all other cases, with the right evidence, it’s possible to win your case. Drivers in the State of Illinois win license reinstatement each day. Call the attorneys at the Geocaris Law Firm in order to begin today.