Filing required papers and requesting hearings in order to remove judgments which may be on a client’s criminal record. These records may lead to immigration problems and difficulty in obtaining employment. The firm represents the client at the hearing.

Clemency and expungement are sometimes used interchangeably. The terms, however, do not have the same meanings. Clemency is an act of leniency, while expungement is the act of erasing a criminal act from a person’s record. You need expungement lawyers in Arlington Heights IL to help you wipe the slate clean for wrongful convictions. The attorneys at Geocaris Law Firm can help.

What is clemency?

Clemency is essentially the act of pardoning an individual for a crime that he or she committed. A pardon does not mean that the person is innocent. Instead, pardoning is a matter of showing leniency to the guilty party.

Some believe that pardoning means that the individual’s record is cleared. Such, however, is not true. Clemency remains on the person’s record until the individual pursues expungement.

What is expungement?

Expungement is a court process in which a person’s criminal conviction is sealed or erased from a legal perspective. Contrary to clemency, expungement typically comes with the benefit of the individual undergoing background checks that do not include the expunged offense.

There are instances where cleared offenses are included in a person’s background check. You should contact an attorney if you pursue a career with an employer that tries to include your expunged record.

What can a lawyer do?

Expungement lawyers in Arlington Heights IL can help you understand both the clemency and expungement processes. An attorney can also help you pursue expungement so that you may be able to pursue better employment and housing opportunities.

A wrongful conviction can change the course of your life, which is why you should pursue expungement. Even individuals rightly accused of crimes may be able to pursue leniency. Call the lawyers at Geocaris Law Firm to see if you qualify for either clemency or expungement. Call to schedule a consultation today.